Friday, April 3, 2009

I ♥ Pictures!

i think the only picture i need now is of spin class & family, then i would pretty much have my life on a blog.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

holy cow.

Its been awhile.

But really, it's not because I'm too lazy to blog. It's because my life right now is so unbelieveably crazy it's almost insane... almost.

So where to start...hmm? How about school? School right now, at this moment, is one of those things that a i have to force myself to like... kinda like ballet. There are three girls that are the ones keeping me together, and keeping my sanity in check. Pictures later (since im doing this at work) I am counting down the days til sunburns and flip flops and late nights at friends' houses. It doesn't seem to be coming soon enough. Classes are pretty much a drag this semester and its hard to get motivated..pretty sure college was supposed to be FUN.

Work. Work doesn't seem like work, because it's so unbelieveably fun... Lifetime is probably the greatest place to work. I get PAID to talk to people. Like HELLLLLO. easy peasy. Plus Jackie has got me hooked on Group Fitness classes. Sunday morning spin and Saturday morning Cardio Blast are my two that I do... the rest of the days I'm on my own to work out.. It's competition season for SPDS and all I have to say is "HOLY RHINESTONES". These costumes have GOT to be pushing multiple hundred dollars...because of the rhinestones alone. I'm feeling pretty good about all the dances though... they are all looking pretty solid. Despite how tough it is being on the other side of

My latest job op is probably going to be the most fun.. I am gonna be a nanny. Not just any nanny, a nanny for one of the most well-behaved kids on the planet... This family lives kinda off of 94 west..Minnetonka area... and get this, they live right on a lake... So basically, I get to hang out on the dock all summer.. Sounds good to me :)

Other than all that, I'm pretty much layin low.. as if there's time to lay low. ill post some pictures up here soon... just gotta pick some good ones.

Peace out girl scout!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Busy as a bee

being busy is my thing. even ask my mom. I am always needing to do SOMETHING, even if its just taking jakie to target to go look at stuff and not buy anything... I feel disconnected and wasteful of time if i don't do something. I like feeling like i have a lot to do. it makes me enjoy different aspects of life.

what im trying to get at is: Im busy. which is why i haven't written in a while...

instead of writing what i have been up to how about i just show yah...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I like surprises...

like receiving emails from your professors that class is canceled. (even though you spent how many hours on that paper last night?!?!?!)

or how you literally have NO homework for the weekend...I'm so far ahead because i dont want to get behind!!!

or surprises like having your roomie show up with a cup of Caribou when you least expect it =]

My Financial Aid issues are officially taken care of, which at first made me want to sigh in relief. But then i realized.... I still need to PAY it. Good thing I don't have time to go shopping, It finally gives me a chance to figure how to budget and what to do with money when it comes my way. I feel a sense of stability now that i have a routine going with managing school, Lifetime Fitness, Spotlight, Dance team, and most importantly, taking care of ME.

I danced my solo from last year for the first time in the studio today. Nobody was in there, and i just wanted to actually Dance. Like not think about the steps or where your focus should be or formations, just dance and let go and be free. By the end of the song i was in tears, not necissarily because i missed my solo (which i do terribly) but because i think it has a significant meaning in my life and what im going through now. It just felt so good to let it go and do what i do, and not think about the rest of the world for that whole 3 minutes.

Homecoming is next week. we have some pretty sweet events and dress up days

Monday: Chillaxin' day- loungin' clothes. how perfect for a monday! We even are having a movie on the Knoll that night
Tuesday: CU Dance Crew Day- the dance team are doing some fun stuff involving spraypaint, tee shirts and rhinestones....yes i said it. RHINESTONES.
Wednesday: Superhero day- haven't quite much thought into this one yet.... i want to get EXTRA clever =]
Thursday: In the spirit of all the fall shows starting (The Office, Grey's Anatomy) we get to dress up as our favorite primetime tv show character. I do believe I'm going the Meredith Grey route)
Friday: CU Spirit Day- basically, load on every piece of blue and gold you can find.
Saturday: GAME DAYYY! vs. Augustana

Thats all for now. I have choreographing to do before teaching and Thursday Movie night with Spotlight staff!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Life is boring without...


and yah know how there are certain people in life you know you'll talk to forever? these are those girls...

yep. they are gorgeous. and they are the best!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The theme of the day is

not being afraid of walking away from things you arent happy with. In other words.... Saying NO.

It's monday and there is already more drama today then there was this past weekend. Im not even gonna go into details. Nobody cares anyway.

"How's School?" Ihonestly think its the most asked question i get. School is... school. My classes are good. not really all that tough, but Im not gonna complain. I've met a lot of cool people. Majority of the people here are athletes so its easy to talk about interests. There are a few football guys in particular that i especially get along with. =]

I had my first night of 7-9, 10-12, and +13 hip hop classes on thursday at spotlight. I have a GREAT group of girls. This year is going to be a great one. Jackie, Megan, Justin, Brittany and I started our own faculty cult. We have adventures every thursday after teaching.. Mostly involving food.

Since this is mostly for my family and my friends all know because im with them 24/7 I suppose i should update the fam on the current dating status.... Drew and I ended things the other night. I just had a gut feeling that it wasn't right.... right now. I think he just wanted to be a college freshman and as he says "play the field". I however, have many more important things to do then be one of the players on that field. Lifetime just hired me, Spotlight has me around, performance team is basically having me RUN the team, school, and friends. thats what is important to me.... right now. Hence the theme of the day being able to say "no"... hopefully i have a smart family that kinda caught on to what that all meant. =] Just kidding, i know you all did! So thats the deal with him.

also speaking of saying no, i told my mom this already but all the girls (except for my roomie erin) i hang out with drink. ALL of them. I stood up and said no to being their DD the other night. I hate to say they are responsible drinkers (lets see cuz we all are.... 18!) but they know if they dont have a DD they wont drink. So standing up to them and telling them that i wasn't going to be their safety net was tough, but at the end of the day i get so much respect for doing so. Not gonna lie it was sooo hard to do.. but hey. i dont want calls at 3 am.

Erin and I get along so well. Im so blessed to have such a great roomie. We tell eachother everything and we feel like we have been friends forever... we even finish eachothers sentences. Tonight we went to her boyfriend josh's friends birthday dinner. We had a lot of fun and laughed so hard. Food was good and we got most of the TGI friday staff to sing to him. Pictures soon, erin took them on her camera since i didnt have mine.

I think thats all for now. I started this earlier this morning and now it is 11:49pm. BEDTIME. haha i wish. Come on now, im a college kid ;]